Success! Your Reservation is Confirmed!

Next Steps:

  • Rental Fee Balance & Security Deposit
    • You will receive an e-mail with a link to pay the balance of your total rental fee 14 days in advance of your departure date
    • We will process your $500 security deposit on the departure date on the card used for your reservation
  • Rental Agreement
    • Please complete the rental agreement information form by 7 days prior to your scheduled departure date
    • A link to our rental agreement will be e-mailed to you by 7 days prior to your scheduled departure date
    • The rental agreement must be electronically signed 24 hours in advance of the pickup time
  • Insurance Coverage Verification
    • We will contact your insurance company/agent to verify that your vehicle liability coverage extends to our trailers
  • Pickup Time Confirmation
    • We will contact you 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure date to confirm the pick-up time

To view a blank copy of the rental agreement please click here and enter the password Adventure2022 to open the PDF file. Works best on a desktop browser or the Dropbox mobile app.


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